Emily Zhukov - Sculptress

Emily Zhukov is an artist and educator living and working in Panama since 1994. She studied art and literature at universities in the USA, France and Spain, living and exhibiting in Madrid and New York City before settling in Panama, where she is an active collaborator in the local art community.

Interested in the power of art to communicate across disciplines, she is a founding member of Estudio Nuboso, a knowledge exchange platform to promote connections between art, science and human ecology. She is an organizer and  facilitator in the Arts and Science Laboratory, and has worked with schools and communities to help design spaces, projects  and curricula integrating the arts.


Emily Zhukov

Mail 1:   PTY 2965, PO Box 025724, Miami FL 33102-5724 U.S.A.

Mail 2:   Apartado 0843-03225, República de Panama

Mobile:   +49 016 – 26811599

E-mail:   emilyzhukov@gmail.com

Web:   emilyzhukov.com

Born Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A., 1961

Resident in the Republic of Panama since 1994


1991                      M.F.A., School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.

.                            (President’s Scholarship 1990 – 1991)

1984 – 1986          Universidad Complutense, Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain.

1983                     B.A. Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.

1980 – 1981          Université de Haute-Bretagne, Rennes, France.

1977 – 1979          Atelier Lack School of Fine Arts, Minneapolis, MN.

Teaching Experience

2002- 2016           Visual Arts Department Head, The International School of Panama, Panama

2002- 2016           Visual Arts Instructor, The International School of Panama, Panama

2011- present       Adjunct Art Professor, Florida State University, Panama

2009 – present     Visual Arts Examiner, International Baccalaureate Organization

1991 – 1993          Assistant Professor, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, USA

1984 – 1994         English, French, Spanish professor, Spain / Panama  / USA

Solo Exhibitions

2011                      Espacio Panamá/Galería Arteconsult, Panama

2008                      Galería Arteconsult, Panama

2004                      Manolo Caracol, Panamá

2003                      Galería Arteconsult, Panama

2001                      Musuem of Contemporary Art, Panama

1998                      Galería Arteconsult, Panama

1996                      Galería Arteconsult, Panama

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013                       “Women Artists of Panama”, IDB Cultural Center, Washington DC, EE.UU.

2012                       Centro Cultural Los del patio, Panama

2011                       “00-10: Cuenta Progresiva,” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Panama

2010                       Mateo Sariel Gallery, Panama

2009                       Aldo Castelli, Chicago, USA

.                            Diablo Rosso, Panama

2007                       Diablo Rosso, Panama

.                            “Ángeles en el Casco,” proyecto en San Felipe, Panama

2006                       “Arte Natura,” proyecto de PROMAR, Panama

2004                       “Veinticinco Años,” Galería Arteconsult, Panama

.                            “Once damas y un caballero,” Manolo Caracol, Panama

.                            “Arte Shoa,” Museo Interoceánico del Canal, Panama

2003                       “Visión de escultura,” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Panama

.                            “Cien años de arte en Panama,” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Panama

2001                       IV Bienal del Caribe, Santo Domingo, Republic Dominicana

.                            Primer Festival del San Felipe, Panama

2000                       “20 Años,” Galería Arteconsult, Panama

.                            “Huellas,” Allegro Gallery, Panama

.                            “Altares,” Fundación Calicanto, Panama

1998                       IV Bienal de Arte de Panama, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Panama

1995                       Galería Arteconsult, Panama

1992                       Pino Molica Gallery, New York, NY, EE.UU. y Roma, Italia

1991                       Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY, EE.UU.

.                            Gallery 128, New York, NY, USA

1989                       Yesqueros, Murcia, España

1988                       Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, España

1987                       Casa de la Cultura, Alcora, España

.                            Casa de Vacas, Retiro, Madrid, España

1986                       Galeria Cedro, Madrid, España

Works in Private Collections:

Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama

Manzanillo International Terminal

COPA Airlines

Balboa Union Church

The Internationa School of Panama

Other Art Collaborations:

Set / prop design for  Contemporary Dance Choreography Works by Gramodanse and Milvia Martinez

Estudio Nuboso, co-founder

Art and Science Laboratory, organizer/facilitator

Ciudad Multiple, facilitator

Pedagogía Radical. participant

RIXC Art Science Festival, Riga, 2016, presenter

State of Emotion Festival, Berlin, 2016, volunteer

Jury member for Cultural Organizations in Panama: INAC (National Institute for Culture), SENACYT (National Institute for Science, Engineering and Technology, MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art), PRISMA (Contemporary Dance Festival)

















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